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How We Work

At Bluestone Tile, we work closely with our clients – designers, homeowners and project managers – to ensure we are installing the products of choice to required spec, down to the very last detail.

We use only the highest grade materials and methods to ensure maximum durability and longevity of your project, utilizing a wide range of products to complete a projects individual unique requirements.

Product use / brand varies depending on job site variables and conditions.

Tile Installation Services

  • demolition / water removal of existing space
  • space design consultation
  • sub-contracted plumbing / electrical work
  • non-structural building / framing
  • floor grinding levelling/substrate prep work
  • floor & wall waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane application
  • shower drain installations – linear, square, tileable (invisible drain)
  • sloping shower bases with curb or seamless entry
  • custom bathroom benches
  • custom wall systems / inset niches / shower shelving
  • heated floor installation
  • tile and stone installation (any size / style / format)
  • grouting

Tile Installation Products

  • Waterproofing: SCHLUTER Kerdi, ARDEX 8+9
  • Self-Levelling / Patching Compounds: MAPEII levelling (novoplan 2), MAPEII planipatch, ARDEX feather finish
  • Crack Prevention / Isolation: MAPEGUARD peel & stick membrane, SCHLUTER Ditra / Ditra Heat, ARDEX 8+9
  • Tile Mortar / Bonding Methods: ARDEX X5, X77 (rapid setting) in white/grey, SCHLUTER SET, MAPEII LFT
  • Grout: MAPEII ultra colour FA (sealer built-in), MAPEII CQ quartz infused
  • Tile Edge Finishes: SCHLUTER metallic finishes – round edge/ flat / box style, various colours / finishes to compliment tile, customer mitred edges
  • Shower Drain Finishes: traditional square (varying colours, 4’x4″, centred in shower pan), linear (varying lengths, colours, styles (centred or against wall), tileable (invisible) grate both in square or linear

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